Ranting White Woman Hurls Racial Insults at Black Neighbors

“You all should have stayed in Africa. And you can go back there, it’s free. You know you can go back to Africa, if you want to,” she said.

A shocking video which went viral shows a bikini-clad woman launching a racist tirade on her Black neighbors in Tallahassee, Florida. The unidentified woman was seen yelling and insulting her Black neighbors, telling them ‘they should have stayed in Africa’.

The incident happened back in March and was caught on camera by one of the victims just outside the woman’s house. The woman went on cursing and called her neighbors ‘Black b*tches’ several times.

“You all should have stayed in Africa. And you can go back there, it’s free. You know you can go back to Africa if you want to. And you can take your Washington and Jefferson last names,” she added.

The person who recorded the video responded, telling her not to say anything else. That seemed to make the woman angrier as she drunkenly boasted “We’re going to take over these neighborhoods,” before proceeding to proclaim “Martin Luther was a slut who was f***ing white people. Martin Luther was f***ing white people the day he died!”

How ridiculous could a mother be, for her to behave so shamelessly in front of her daughter? Her daughter couldn’t bear to continue listening to her mom act so barbaric, as she called for help on her cell phone and tried to pull her mom back begging her to stop.

How sad it is to observe such a piteous picture. It is obvious that this woman is unhappy and her life is full of negativity and anger. She tries to transfer her frustration on the young Black people. Now imagine a community, where Black people could all live in peace, without having to encounter racist white people like this. That would be absolutely splendid and we hope this woman doesn’t go unpunished for such a callous stunt.

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