Two Casualties Recorded On Day Two Of Milwaukee Riots

According to an Associated Press report, a police officer and one other person have been reported injured on the second day of the Milwaukee unrest.

On Monday morning, one person was shot and has since been taken to the hospital for treatment. An officer also got wounded when a rock thrown by protesters broke the windscreen of the squad car, injuring him in the process.

According to reports by CNN, damages caused on Monday were not as extensive as those of the first day of the unrest.

Information by the New York Times indicates that some squad cars have been destroyed since the inception of the confusion with four officers recorded injured and 17 protesters arrested.

But the sister of the deceased, Sherelle Smith has called for calm. She made this call on the public during a night vigil held at the site of the incident on Saturday night. She said; “Don’t bring that violence over here.”

In the meanwhile, the Governor, Scout Walker has requested for the soon release of a video footage of the shooting, AP reports. He further stated that transparency will help calm the aggravated situation. Investigations have since been launched to ascertain the facts of the matter.

Deacon Johnny Winston, the leader of the protesters said; “They jumped out of cars with rifles and billy clubs, We just wanted to get our point across. We just want peace. Why do they always have to react by going to the gun first?”

The American police officers have tagged every Black person as a potential threat hence they don’t care to establish the innocence of their suspects. Too often, their first response to the Black person is to reach for their gun and shoot.

Although it is an established fact that the 23-year-old Black man had a gun in his possession, the findings never said he pointed it at the cop or fired it. The country has laws and a judicial system but if the police will act as the law and judiciary at the same time to execute judgment on suspects, then of what use did we create those systems?

The situation that led to the uprising in Milwaukee is a cumulative grief by the Black community. In a city that is noted to be the worst habitat for Black people, the least that should be added to their problems is the continuous killing of their own people.

Nonetheless, we say “No” to violent protest. But we will continue to stand up for our rights and justice. Black lives really also matter and needed to be treated with dignity.

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