“BuyBlack” Chrome Extension Represents Black-Owned Businesses

“There’s an entire system behind [Black Lives Matter] that’s been growing for years and years that’s broken and needs to be fixed,” Angie Coleman, Black web developer.

Not so long ago the issue of a Black race within America became the talk of the period. Though efforts are still in place to make the hope of having a self-reliant nation within America, it is yet to reach its fruition.

Each nation one day faces economical issues. As the quest for freedom from oppression and constant discrimination, it is wise to consider the growth of the Black economy with the emphasis on internal business.

In light of this, Angie Coleman developed BuyBlack extension for Chrome to hype and promote Black businesses. Her motivation rooted in seeing only “white branded” things around.

She got even more motivated after having difficulties with finding a foundation of the ‘right color for her skin.’ “So many black people feel insecure,” she comments on the shopping experience and adds, “Because we know the products aren’t made with us in mind.”

As part of a Reboot Safety hackathon, Coleman, the organization’s programs and outreach director, decided to build the tool, which helps online shoppers find Black-owned businesses.

For example, if you navigate to Sephora, click on the black fist at the top of the browser you’ll be provided with a list of brands, like Black Opal, or other cosmetics and skincare goods, which are made for women of color.

We are very proud of the founder of the project. She gave the Black community one more long-deserved ‘face uplift’ by contributing her quota to promoting Black-owned businesses. This how ‘Black for Black’ approach leading to the prosperity of the community works.

Thomas Sowell was right when he said, “economics is more than just a way to see patterns or to unravel puzzling anomalies. Its fundamental concern is with the material standard of living of society as a whole and how that is affected by particular decisions made by individuals and institutions.”

We, therefore, should encourage ourselves to invest more into Black businesses, banks, and financial institutions.

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