Take Part In Flashmob: BE MOVE 9

FLASHMOB #BMOVE9: Send in your words of support to the fighters for Black lives, The Move Organization. You are the one who can restore the belief that their efforts were not useless.

Back in 1985, a whole village inhabited by members of a Philadelphia-based black liberation group, the MOVE was totally destroyed by a bomb attack organized by police. The act of terror left eleven people dead, including the MOVE’s leader John Africa, 5 children and about 250 people homeless.  It seemed like an act of revenge for the alleged killing of a cop during a police raid at MOVE’s Powelton Village home in 1978. Nine MOVE members were arrested, charged with third-degree murder and sent to prison for 30-100 years. Two of the MOVE members, better known as MOVE 9, have already died in jail, but seven are still there and THEY NEED YOUR SUPPORT.

We have to show our affection and appreciation to our brothers and sisters who fought and suffered for us. Freedom has been a constant struggle for Black people; life back then was quite difficult because of the acute state of segregation, racism and discrimination. The MOVE organization took a stand for the Black people and never wavered from their beliefs, even after several cases of oppression from the government. Now they need us, they need our soothing words, urging them to be strong and continue to have faith in themselves as they have shown over the years.

Show your support and encouragement of the MOVE heroes. It can be a letter, a video, a photo. Please, comfort and support those who sacrificed their lives for us and have been eligible for parole since 2008, but have been denied serially, year after year. All your kind and warm messages will be compiled and relayed to MOVE 9 by the only adult survivor of the abysmal 1985 attack, Ramona Africa. Your voices really matter, we appreciate your support.

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    4. Send the same message or the link to us via the contact form

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