Are The Clintons Playing Their Usual Election Tricks On Blacks?

The Clintons use Black people for votes, but don’t do anything for Black communities after they’re re-elected, Black Lives Matter leader, Alicia Garza says.

It is highly disgracing when men don’t live  their words. A good example is the Clintons. They are virtually known for their failed promises, especially to the Black fraternity. It was one of their camouflaged activities that Hillary Clinton, popped up in the news again.

The nominee for the Democratic Party frequently sells herself as a champion for minorities which is a blatant lie. Quick to reveal the deceptive nature of Hillary was Alicia Garza, a Black Lives Matter leader. In an interview with Bloomberg Business week, the outspoken activist made an assertion that history has proven that the Clintons only use Blacks to gain votes.

She further lamented that Hillary Clinton just as her husband did in the past, only used Blacks for Photo Ops. African-Americans have never been considered anywhere near her policies and goals for the nation.

Indeed, Hillary Clinton is known for her beautiful phrases and proper photos with Blacks. She tries to identify herself with them by doing everything possible to convince the community that she cares for them, but in fact, she doesn’t.  She is only using the African-Americans to canvass for votes.

We are not to be fooled by her pleasant sympathetic words. Rather, let us look at the records and deeds of Hillary and at that long, we will conclude that her election is the worst thing that can happen to America.

The BLM movement, therefore, disapproves of Hillary Clinton as we should be aware of the false care and attention Clinton shows towards Black people. We can not entrust their future in the hands of such a leader.

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