Five Cops Confront Dr. Dre At His Home

Five police officers, called by racially biased man, handcuffed and detained Black rapper and entrepreneur, Dr. Dre in front of his home in Malibu.

A white motorist called the police to report Dr. Dre of possessing a handgun. Sources close to the Black rapper revealed to TMZ that Dr. Dre was returning home on Monday when he noticed a car parked in his driveway, preventing his access to his home. The Black rapper and businessman told the driver to move away so he could drive into his house. But it seems this harmless request infuriated the white driver who yelled and hurled insults at Dr. Dre.

Dr. Dre in an attempt to take record the verbal attack by the driver, pulled out his phone to record the incident. The driver on seeing him reach out for his phone accused Dr. Dre of pulling out a gun, saying “Here we go again, another Black guy with a gun.” He further called the police to lodge a report.

In a matter of minutes, a swarm of police officers arrived at the scene and confronted the unarmed rapper. He was handcuffed and detained in the police vehicle, and only released after their search for the said gun proved futile.

The case will now be forwarded to the office of the district attorney for attention to ascertain the legitimacy of the accusation against the rapper.

Racial profiling affects all Black people and not even the celebrities are spared. Nonetheless, it might have been a different story if it was an average Black person. It would have surely been a violent one. It is quite obvious that any call to the police to lodge a report against a Black man is always addressed with unnecessary aggression. It seems the Black man is automatically not a friend of the police. The officers seem to be fighting them rather than protecting them.

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