Lawyers Help Police Hide Evidence Of Misconduct

Will there be a balanced system of justice, if the law sticks up for one side only?

Jun. 29,2016


Chicago court issued a stern disapproval of city attorney’s action for hiding audio evidence in a civil rights lawsuit and lying about the event that led to the fatal shooting of a black motorist.

Hundreds of court records nationwide made by an Associated Press show that municipal lawyers in cities deliberately hide vital information about brutal and unlawful acts of police. These lawyers mainly cover White officers against Black victims.

A Chicago Senior Associate Attorney Jared Kosoglad said in a statement that, “The city has a clear, widespread practice of destroying and lying about unfavorable evidence.

The problem is not just in Chicago, it spreads throughout other cities, such as Baltimore, New York, Denver, and Spokane.

Judge Lara Genovesi of New York’s Supreme Court wrote June 6, that lawyers, who represented larger cities, had shown “a pattern of willful failure” to submit evidence on time in the lawsuit alleging that officers beat a young African-American, Jabbar Campbell, who was hosting a party in 2013. Campbell explained that the cops had beaten him, but the criminal complaint said that Campbell had pushed an officer (Juan Moreno).

The justice system continues to fail and the evidence of that is found all around the country.

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Lawyers Help Police Hide Evidence Of Misconduct
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