Okla. Jailers Choke Black Man And Lie About His Death

The autopsy report of Darius Randell Robinson shows that his death was due to excessive force used by jailers.

41-year-old African-American, Darius Randell Robinson, who was arrested for unpaid child support for his 18 and 19 years old children, died April 5 at the Caddo County, Oklahoma jail after he was brutalized and choked to death by jailers.

The prison guards initially lied about the circumstances of Robinson’s death. They reported that Robinson tried escaping from his cell while they were cleaning up the stuff, he’d broken. The prison officers said he died as a result of a heart attack, but the autopsy results tell us a new story.

In accordance with Robinson’s autopsy report released Wednesday, June 29, “Robinson was subdued, handcuffed, and pepper spray was reportedly used”. “In addition, it was reported that a neck hold was also used to restrain the deceased. While lying handcuffed and prone on the jail floor, the deceased became unresponsive. There was a report of white foam coming from his mouth”, the document continued.

The family of the deceased strongly believes that their beloved son and father died because of the use of excessive force and demand the release of cam videos made from inside the prison. The cause of his imprisonment was also highly questionable because the children were already grown up and living with him.

We clearly see how some most common errors in our systems bring disaster to our communities. Black people are not considered humans, and therefore can be outrageously imprisoned for any reason.

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