Chicago Parents Sue School For False Cocaine Test Results

Black Chicago parents are filing a lawsuit, after five Black high school students get false positive test results for cocaine.

In December 2015, a high school African-American student, Elijah Ikezoe-Jones, got positive test results for cocaine, four of his fellow students got similar results earlier.

That’s ridiculous. I would never do anything like that,” Elijah said when asked about taking drugs. His mother straight away made him re-take the same cocaine test, but in a different laboratory. He tested negative.

Elijah’s mother, Nishia Ikezoe, said, “It was just very confusing. It was upsetting because I had no idea how something like this could happen.”

Four other students were also re-tested by their parents. They also had no traces of drugs, not even weed, in their system.

How is this happening multiple times, to these same students, these African-American kids that are good students? That are athletes? How is this possible? This lab company is — they have to be stopped — I don’t know any other way to put it,” Ikezoe wondered.

A toxicologist, Dr. Trevonne Thompson, explained that it’s possible for people to test positive if they are exposed to cocaine in their environments. It sounds like a cocaine-borne disease.

Even so, there is no proof that these Black kids live in an environment of addicts, moreover, recent studies show that Whites are more addicted.

Despite, all four kids tested negative in the end, two of them were expelled.

Strange how often it happens to Black students and how easily they are immediately expelled (not suspended) without any investigation.

The administration of Marian Catholic High School is definitely biased against people of color and a lawsuit is the least what they deserve, as they showed no remorse of their decisions and gave no apologies to the students or their parents after obtaining correct drug test results.

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