Clinton’s Supporters See Blacks As “Criminals”

A recent survey on voters’ attitudes about race shows that Clinton’s supporters are more likely to see Blacks as violent people and criminals.

The survey report was released Wednesday, June 29. The questionnaires included 21 questions that concerned the issues of race and were handed out to over 16,000 of possible voters in the period between April and June.

The outcome of the poll was shocking; it showed that one-third of Clinton’s supporters considered Black people to be “violent criminals” compared to Whites. More than 20 percent of the former Secretary of State’s supporters saw Black people as “lazy”, alleging they preferred doing drugs to working hard and being innovative.

The report also revealed that more than 30 percent of Clinton supporters did not want to live “in a community with people who come from diverse cultures.” All of Clinton’s supporters had at least one negative view about African-Americans, while around fifty percent of Donald Trump’s supporters unexpectedly had nothing against them.

Stephen Miller, Trump’s senior policy advisor, called his client “a stark contrast to Hillary Clinton, whose policies have been a disaster for African-American and Hispanic citizens”.

The surprising result of the poll didn’t bring about any comments from the representatives of the Hillary Clinton’s campaign team. It might seem that they completely agree with the obtained data and support the attitudes of their voters.

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