Did Obama Bring Change To Black Americans?

“I’m not the president of Black America” – President Barack H. Obama

About eight years, just after Barack Obama won the presidential election, we were all excited and filled with hope that a savior had come to change America into a paradise. But what Black Americans failed to realize was that the President was just a disguise of the white power.

President Obama achieved many of his goals in his first two years, such as getting his signature on the health care bill, restoring the economy, rescuing the banks and bailing out the automobile industry. Some of his polices were exceedingly fantastic.

When he was given a second chance in 2012, he grabbed that opportunity to fight “segregation in housing” and “discriminatory policing”.

However, Obama, with all his good deeds, failed to handle some of the most challenging issues Black Americans face. Some applaud him, but many are disappointed because of how he has addressed race in the country.

At some instances, it seemed that President Obama’s decisions had been dictated by his white cabinet as he showed utter disregard to black criticism and almost never used his ‘race card’ to eliminate disparities in the country.

By his actions, it was very clear that he had little interest for the Black community. When Flint, Michigan, a predominantly black city, had water crisis, it took him ages to pay them a visit. What is more surprising is when Obama told his people, who trusted and elected him in the first place, that he was “not the president of Black America”.

All the above mentioned together with president’s lack of involvement into the “specific issues of race and poverty” made Black voters believe these words.

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