Vigil for Natasha McKenna


Natasha McKenna died February 8, 2015 in a Fairfax hospital days after being repeatedly tased while unclothed and restrained by sheriff’s deputies at Fairfax Adult Detention Facility. Over the summer, Fairfax County police investigations concluded finding no fault with the 6 officers directly involved and passing evidence to Commonwealth Attorney Ray Morrogh. A few months later, Morrogh issued a report absolving the officers of responsibility and declining to prosecute Natasha’s killing, blaming her for her own death and citing the cause of her death as the widely-disputed and medically-unrecognized designation, “excited delirium.” To date, no officers have been charged or fired for Natasha’s death and local government agencies and coalitions, including the Fairfax County Ad Hoc Police Practices Review Commission, continue to call her death an “accident,” refusing to #SayHerName instead calling what happened to Natasha “the incident at the ADC.”

Vigil info:
In the evening, All Saints Episcopal Church Sharon Chapel is hosting a vigil for justice for Natasha McKenna at 7:00 pm at All Saints Episcopal Church in Alexandria. We will be celebrating Natasha McKenna’s life and hearing a message of hope as we move forward in action in our community to seek justice for Natasha McKenna this year. The church is about a mile from Huntington Metro, so we will be able to organize carpools. Email SURJnova at gmail dot com with your name and cell number if you can give a ride or need a ride.

The vigil is part of a day of Remembrance and Action for Natasha McKenna. Earlier in the day, we are also holding a companion action for anyone interested in participating (details below).

Info on companion action prior to the vigil:
We will be holding space for Natasha McKenna in a demonstration outside the Adult Detention Center earlier in the day on Monday, February 8 at noon. The ADC is located at 10520 Judicial Dr., Fairfax, VA 22030. We will be demonstrating for about an hour, with signs calling attention to the lack of justice and reminding our community about Natasha McKenna.

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