The Souls of Black Girls – Women of Color Day


The Texas Tech University Women’s Studies Program is celebrating Women’s History Month by showcasing women past, present and future. Taking inspiration from the National Women’s History Project, we honor women who helped create a better world for the times in which they lived as well as for future generations.

The Souls of Black Girls is a provocative news documentary that takes a critical look at media images–how they are instituted, established and controlled. The documentary also examines the relationship between the historical and existing media images of women of color and raises the question of whether they may be suffering from a self-image disorder as a result of trying to attain the standards of beauty that are celebrated in media images.

The documentary features candid interviews with young women discussing their self-image and social commentary from Actresses Regina King and Jada Pinkett Smith, PBS Washington Week Moderator Gwen Ifill, Rapper/Political Activist Chuck D, and Cultural Critic Michaela Angela Davis, among others. The Souls of Black Girls is a piece that attempts to provoke honest dialogue and critical thinking among women of color about media images and our present condition—internally and externally.

Join us, March 1, 5:30pm, Holden Hall 006. This event is FREE and open to the public.

For more info on Women’s History Month, visit our web site here; http://www.depts.ttu.edu/wstudies/events_womenshistory2017.php

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