The Power of Black Economics – Hosted By Unity Walk Los Angeles


Unity Walk History:
Yarima Karama was the brainchild of the Unity Walk. The first Unity Walk kicked off on Saturday, October 15th, 2016 at Franklin Park in Columbus, Ohio. Yarima connected with other social conscious African-Americans across the United States to spearhead Unity Walk’s nationwide to bring brothas and sistas together, embrace and uplift each other, discuss social issues, and come together to improve our community. The event motto is building “Black Unity” among each other.

This is the second meeting hosted by the Unity Walk Los Angeles team. We are coming back to educate the Black community on the importance of Black Economics, steps to build wealth, business ownership and home ownership, economic development, commerical real estate development, and how to increase our global economic presence. Black Economics is one of the Top qualifiers to building a strong Black Power platform. We spent $1.2 trillion dollars in 2016 yet our communities are suffering with higher unemployment rates than any other minority groups, our college rates have increased yet we are still behind, and the Black family median income is growing but is still lower than any other minority group. Let’s start the discussion and build solutions with experts that will supply Us with information on how to build Us up and not depend on anyone else but Ourselves! This event is free to the public and we will provide snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.

The Unity Walk Los Angeles team got Sherri Brewer, SVP of Retail Operations at OneUnited Bank committing a member of her team to discuss home loans and small business loans for specifically African-Americans, Assistant Professor Aminah Bakeer Abdul-Jabbaar who teaches Pan-African studies at Cal State Los Angeles and will be discussing Black love, Black family, and Black unity, and Derek Holt who is the host of The Afrikan Restoration Project every Thursday night at the Shades of Afrika bookstore in Long Beach, CA and will be speaking about Black economic development, commercial real estate development, and Black global economic collaboration. Three awesome speakers willing to give their time to educate our community and give solutions. This is a free event hosted by Unity Walk Los Angeles at the Shades of Afrika bookstore in Long Beach, CA.

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