Selma 2017: Black Lives STILL Matter! Las Vegas, NV


“It’s a fact that we’ve come a long, long way, but it isn’t the whole truth…
I’m afraid if I stop at this point, I will leave you the victims of a dangerous optimism…
Not only have we come a long, long way but we have a long, long way to go before the problems of racial injustice is solved.”

Not only have we not made enough progress in the last 52 years (since the original Selma march), but over just the last several years, the violence and injustice has progressively gotten worse. As a community, we need to come together and stand up against the racially sparked discrimination and cruelty to our fellow community members. Those who are not being targeted need to stand up and fight for those that ARE being targeted. This event is to show solidarity in the fight for racial equality and justice.

We cannot accept police brutality, racial profiling, excessive incarceration for minor infractions, completely unjustified arrests, and shocking, indefensible deaths. None of these things are acceptable, and we ALL need to stand up against them. We need to show that we are unified; that no one is turning their backs on anyone.

Please join us in honoring Dr Martin Luther King, Representative John Lewis, Medgar Evers, William Louis Moore and every single individual who risked their lives in that march to stand up for justice!

Stand up with us today! In a day and age where you won’t risk being killed for doing so. So many faced unimaginable danger and even murder for standing up in 1965. Can we really stand idly by in 2017 when, generally speaking, that same threat no longer exists?

The sun won’t be down yet, so remember sunscreen/hat and maybe a snack. We will provide water, but you may want to bring extra to be safe.
Also, we will have some signs for those without, but please plan on making your own sign. Personalized signs always mean more to the person carrying them than a generic message someone else wrote.

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