Remember Terrance Kellom


On April 28th, Terrence Kellom was fatally shot by police in front of his father at their home on Evergreen. No charges were filed against Mitchell Quinn, the ICE agent involved in the shooting.
Terrance is not forgotten, and his family still deserves justice.

We have a list of demands. And we will take actions if our demands are not met.

• We demand an independent investigation by DoJ into the Terrance Kellom case and additional DoJ investigation into other civil rights violations in Detroit.
• The immediate arrest and prosecution of US ICE agent Mitchell Quinn
• Wayne County prosecutor Kym Worthy to step down and special prosecutor to be appointed
• Detroit Police Chief James Craig to step down and Detroit Fugitive Apprehension Team task force to be disbanded
• Stop racial profiling by law enforcement
• Put an end to Police Militarization program (Pentagon’s Excess Property Program)

Brothers and sisters, come out to support the family! The fight is not over. Bring signs, flowers, and candles with you.
More updates are coming soon.

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