Rally for Akai Gurley in Los Angeles


oin us for a National Week of Action to demand justice for Akai Gurley. For the first time in over a decade’s worth of police-related fatalities in NY, NYPD cop was convicted for fatally shooting an innocent man by the name of Akai Gurley in the stairwell of his own apartment building. This conviction is a significant victory for the Movement for Black Lives and the larger Police Brutality Movement, especially given how rare such convictions are for on-duty cops.

Officer Liang is now out on bail, and the judge’s sentencing will be announced on April 14th. His conviction led to nationwide, rightwinged reactionary mobilization within the Chinese community in support of Liang, arguing that he was punished more harshly than his white counterparts. They are essentially calling for equal unaccountability of Liang. On March 23rd, Brooklyn’s District Attorney’s office announced that it would not seek jail time for Peter Liang. This is an outrage, we demand that we hold ALL killer cops accountable!

Join us on April 9th, 1:00 PM at Pershing Square for a speak out calling for Justice for Akai Gurley & his family. Los Angeles stands for

Justice for Akai Gurley!

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