Protest Demanding Roswell Fires Officer Alstine


On November 9th 2016 Shanita Maeberry and her boyfriend were traveling in Roswell, GA where they were pulled over without probable cause by Roswell Police Officer Jim Van Alstine who also uses the aliases (James Edwards Van Alstine)

Both Shanita and her boyfriend were pulled out of their car, where officer’s illegally began searching their car. Shanita walked over to the officers to advise them that they were violating her constructional rights by searching her car and purse without a search warrant.

Without advising her that she was under arrest or reading her rights to her, Roswell Police officers forcefully grabbed and assaulted her. Shanita tried to get these large off her because they were intentionally inflicting pain on her. Shanita told the officers that she was a criminal justice major and demanded that they let her go and to get off her, being that she had not violated any laws.

Then out of RAGE and ANGER Roswell Police Officer Jim Van Alstine throws a SUCKER PUNCH to the Ms. Maeberry JAW LINE breaking her jaws in two places. As a result of this vicious assault Ms. Shanita Maeberry entire mouth is WIRED SHUT.

Shanita Maeberry is now charged with Obstruction and Possession of marijuana of less than an oz.

1. We are demanding the #RoswellPolice Chief Rusty Grant to release all videos related to the case, not just the videos he want’s the public to see

2. We DEMAND the The City of Roswell, Georgia Government, TERMINATE #OfficerVanAlstine

3. We are asking for The Georgia Bureau of Investigation to conduct a full investigation

4. We want #OfficerAlstine arrested and brought up on criminal charges in Federal court under the color of law, ie: Aggravated Assault, Violation of Oath

5. We want Roswell Police Officer #VanAlstine drug tested immediately, to see what was in his system at the time of the assault.

1.) Roswell Officer Breaks Woman’s Jaw During Arrest – http://patch.com/georgia/roswell/roswell-officer-breaks-womans-jaw-during-arrest
2.) Black Lives Matter Protest Disrupts Roswell Council Meeting (VIDEO) -http://patch.com/georgia/roswell/black-lives-matter-protest-disrupts-roswell-council-meeting-video

Activists protest woman’s treatment by Roswell police – http://www.11alive.com/news/local/activists-protest-womans-treatment-by-roswell-police/352138674

Police chief opens investigation into officer who broke woman’s jaw – http://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/north-fulton-county/police-chief-opens-investigation-into-officer-who-broke-womans-jaw/467880340

[Marietta Daily Journal]
Black Lives Matter protests at Roswell City Council meeting – http://www.mdjonline.com/neighbor_newspapers/north_fulton/news/protest-and-accusation-of-injustice-erupts-at-roswell-city-hall/article_8548d3be-aad5-11e6-8444-f38304f560ad.html

1.) Woman’s jaw broken during marijuana bust –
2.) Woman’s broken jaw leads to Roswell police investigation- http://www.myajc.com/news/news/crime-law/womans-broken-jaw-leads-to-roswell-police-investig/ns9bj/

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