Peaceful Protest for Black Lives Matter


We invite you to join us in a peaceful protest.

We are holding a 30 minute Community Gathering to Support Black Lives Matter

We are Dirtyoga, a local movement with a focus on community empowerment through the connection of yoga. We move and breath together, we support one another.

In an act of solidarity, we wish to make a powerful impact by inspiring our fellow Phoenicians to share their voices, their thoughts, and their hearts.

We will meet this Sunday, September 25, 1:00pm at Steele Indian School Park in Phoenix. We will open with some breathing exercises, followed by a five minute guided meditation, and close with an opportunity to share our experiences with one another.

This is open to all. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring something that allows you to sit in the grass. We recommend a blanket, pillow, or a lawn chair. We have mats and blankets available, but they will be first come first served.

Suggested $3 donations, with proceeds going to support Black Lives Matter initiatives.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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