March To End Police Silence Against Police Violence


November 1, 2016 marks 10 years since the Buffalo Police Department forced their way into the home of Neal Mack where he was beaten, pepper sprayed and arrested. After being handcuffed he was choked. Officer Cariol Horne stopped Officer Gregory Kwiatkowski from choking Neal Mack and Neal Mack still lives today. Officer Cariol was fired. Officer Gregory Kwiatkowski was promoted to Lieutenant. Lieutenant Kwiatkowski choked an on duty Police Officer who wanted to leave out of his platoon and is now federally indicted because he along with two police Officers are accused of shooting teens with a bb gun and violating their civil rights. The City of Buffalo and the Buffalo Police Department turned a blind eye when Former Officer Cariol Horne told them that Gregory Kwiatkowski was a bad apple. In December 2016, he goes to trial. Hopefully Justice will prevail.

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