Let’s discuss ‘This Is An Uprising’


In its time, King’s use of nonviolent resistance generated a nearly unending stream of controversy. And in this era of Black Lives Matter, it is critical to remember that, far more than a serving as a peacemaker, King was an advocate of disruption.

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Michelle Alexander (author of ‘The New Jim Crow’) called this book “a virtual toolbox” for building “an inclusive, multi-racial, multi-ethnic democracy that truly values all of us”.

‘This Is An Uprising’ (http://thisisanuprising.org/reviews/ by Mark Engler and Paul Engler) covers the fundamental questions facing us as we work to bring about a revolutionary transformation in US society and build the beloved community:

• What are the differences between social justice movements/organizations that aim at winning incremental, concrete goals versus those that aim to bring about transformative moments that suspend the normal rules of politics?
• What tensions exist between these two approaches and how can they work together?
• How can non-violent movements subvert and overthrow the power of elites who aim to retain control and privilege through force?
• How can gains made “in the moment of the whirlwind” be protected and expanded?
• Can building alternative communities, “being the change we wish to see”, support more confrontational strategies?

We’ll meet weekly. The first session will focus on sections: Introduction, The Strategic Turn, Structure and Movement.

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