“It’s Our Time” Martin Luther King Day Of Service


On January 14th 2017 from 12pm-4pm @Kingsloop in Conjunction with The East Brooklyn Leader non-profit will be having an event at Brooklyn Borough Hall The theme would be called “It’s Our Time” at this event on Martin Luther King, Jr birthday weekend (which Brooklynites know this weekend & holiday as MLK Jr. Day Of Service).

At this event, there will be a panel of guest speakers elaborating & emphasizing on self-respect, self education, goal setting, positive self awareness, and faith to empower Brooklyn’s young male & female population of the age group of 5-16 17-24 25+. At this time we will appreciate any donation whether in kind or monetary.

In return we will be more than oblige to mention services render by your company by means of announcement & printing material our program flyer logo back drop social media etc, & all promoting leading up to the event, during the event & after the event.

Our primary goal is to work with the youth & elders in the East Brooklyn/East Flatbush community to empower them by way of advocacy : to educate & teach them about community economics for the betterment of a safer, smarter, & more unified community.

This event MLK it’s the pre-day of service event is the epitome of what we stand for & believe in as in our mission & purpose as Kingsloop Magazine/The East Brooklyn Leader.


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