Impact & Affluence Tour – Chicago


ATTENTION: Purpose-Driven Unapologetic Action Taking Black Women Entrepreneurs, who are sick of spinning their wheels, stuck at the same multiple 6-figure ceiling for YEARS and HUNGRY to cross the million-dollar finish line in record time!

Are you a 7-Figure Sister TRAPPED in a 6-Figure Reality?
Let’s face it. You are a business badass. You have been doing your thing for at least 3 years and you are a BEAST!  Except—your money doesn’t match the HOURS of effort you pour into your speaking, coaching or service-based business. They’re “living the dream”: buying million dollar homes, traveling the globe to delicious vacation spots, and making the world a better place with their philanthropic contributions.

But you? You have stalled at the multiple 6-figure glass ceiling for YEARS growing at a snails pace or worse: going no where fast.

You know “how” to make money. But the truth is the “way” you do it is burning you out. And you feel left behind. Your peers are running million, and in some cases multimillion dollar, businesses and living the good life.

Imagine being able to be part of the elite 2% of women of all races to break the million-dollar mark in record time!

Imagine impacting the financial legacy of your bloodline so your children’s children are born into affluence, and you are hailed as a living legend!

Imagine finally being able to live the lifestyle you deserve with the kind of impact and affluence that we normally see reserved only White people. #HollaAndPreach

During this training you will discover:

  • The REAL reason why you are trapped in a 6-figure reality—and how to get the hell out! (It’s not your fault—but it is you problem. And once you find out why you haven’t hit the 7-figure mark by now, it’s going to blow your MIND!)
  • Discover EXACTLY what you are doing WRONG that keeps you slavin’, stuck, and stalled in a 6-figure business that undermines your parenting, kills your self care and even sabotages your sex life #GrownWomanTalkHere
  • The ONE word that will have you making more money in half the time! (When I implanted this word with full passion, I quantum leaped from $ 400k to 1.2 million working part time hours from home in 10 months! #HollaAndPreach)
  • The one thing you as a Black woman MUST give-up to become a millionaire. (This will go against EVERYTHING you have been taught but until you do it, your shot at being a 7-figure sister is in the toilet.)
  • The 3 hidden drivers you MUST master to effortlessly have the sort of impact on the world like Oprah, Dr. King, or even Michelle Obama!
  • And most crucial of all: The #1 secret to fast-tracking it to 7-figure success. (This secret generated $1.7 million for one of my clients in ONE conversation. It’s a game-changer!)
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