HumanBillboard-Black Lives Matter!Honor Black Trans Women Killed


Human Billboard: Black Lives Matter! Honor 8 Black and POC Trans Women Murdered in 2017! No Trump Agenda in Oakland!

Join us at the Rockridge Bart station in Oakland, rain or shine, to call attention to racial injustice and demonstrate solidarity.

Throughout the East Bay and nationally, folks have been creating “Human Billboards” – holding signs and making visible our support for the Movement for Black Lives and communities targeted by Trump. These gatherings have been a simple yet effective way of channeling anger and sadness over injustice into collective action and solidarity.

At our Human Billboard on April 1st ,we are honoring the lives of 8 Black and POC trans women and trans feminine people who were murdered in the United States in the first 3 months of 2017. Their names are: Jaquarrius Holland, Chyna Gibson, Ciara McElveen, Mesha Caldwell, Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow, Keke Collier, Jojo Striker and Alphonza Watson. We are also honoring Taja de Jesus, a Latina trans woman murdered in San Francisco in 2015. As we mourn and rage against these losses, we also seek to lift up the lives, voices and leadership of Black trans women at the center of social justice movements.

“The Trump administration is taking away life-saving protections for transgender children and their families, creating an environment ripe for shaming, bullying, hate crimes, and suicide. It is no coincidence that these events have occurred simultaneously—in fact, these events speak to the heart-wrenching realities of violence that transgender people face every day.” -Janetta Johnson, TGIJP, http://www.tgijp.org/blog/blacktranssafety

For those of us who are white, it’s a way to express a unified voice in opposition to Trump and the white nationalist, transphobic, sexist politics he represents, and to commit to ending white silence and visibly supporting racial justice.

For all of us, it’s a concrete way to put our heart and soul into action. It’s being in community with each other, to share with like-minded people a belief that a loving, humane, compassionate world is possible, and to take a small step towards making that happen.

If you’ve been wanting to get more involved, this event is a great way to take action, meet people and gain further connections in the community we’re building.

Bring a sign with the following messaging:

Will you show up for racial justice?
Black Lives Matter!
Solidarity with Black and POC Trans Women!
No Deportations! No Border Walls!
End Displacement of Black and Brown communities!
Solidarity with Undocumented Migrants!
Solidarity with Queer and Trans People of Color!
We Support Black Womxn!
We Support Our Muslim Neighbors!
Will you fight against Islamophobia?

This event called and organized by SURJ Bay Area.

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