END Police Brutality & Killing in Los Angeles


LAPD continues to brutalize and kill people and get away with it. As Mayor, I will put an end to the killings, and deliver justice for all victims of police brutality.

We MUST re-investigate ALL Fatal Police shootings. There will be Justice. There will be Peace

If Police Brutality has outraged you, Join Us.
Police brutality is an act of criminal violence.

• End Racial Profiling • Eliminate Quotas
• Support Police Lapel Cameras
• Zero Tolerance for Abuse of Power
• Increase Civilian Oversight
• Ensure Diversity in the Police Force
• End Illegal Surveillance
• End Police Brutality
• Demilitarize LAPD
• Re-investigate All Fatal Police Shootings

Pitfire Pizza Company, 108 W 2nd St, Los Angeles, California 90012

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