Community Walk: Justice for Ahmede Bradley and Michael Clark


Michael Clark was killed by 9 APD Officers including Officers Douglas Drake and Blaine Eiben on September 26, 2005 near the 6400 block East William Cannon Drive, the same day as another police brutality victim’s birthday Ahmede Bradley. Bradley was killed by APD Officer Eric Copeland on April 5, 2012. Copeland had been involved in two prior police brutality incidents with Bradley before this third incident which led to Bradley’s death on Overbrook Drive near Manor and 51st streets.

We will gather near The Clarks’ family home which has burned down. Mary Clark and her husband are not only fighting for justice for their son, but they are also fighting to keep their property in a coveted area of East Austin that is being gentrified and get their home rebuilt. They have also been the subject of retaliation and police brutality.

Join us as we walk to remember Ahmede Bradley and Michael Clark and demand justice for Mary Clark, Jonathan Clark, Michael Clark, and Ahmede Bradley with a final birthday celebration of Ahmede’s life and Clark’s transcension.

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