Call out Black – National Day of Grievance & Outreach


On August 1st, People’s Power Assembly NYC is calling for a National Day of Action: A Call Out of Work Black day. Each senseless Black death takes a toll on our bodies, our hearts, and our psyches. We continuously see images of our children being enviornmentally poisoned, brutalized and killed by the state. We see the pain of mothers, fathers, lovers as they cope with the grief of losing their loved ones. We feel this pain and we feel the tone deaf anger of a world that refuses empathy. Many of us organize, mobilize, and fight back while facing waves of criticism, hate, and refusals to listen as we demand simple justice.

It is imperative that we take a step back to mourn and grieve collectively, as we denounce this unjust system. This is why we are calling for this national day of action. We are asking Black people to call out of work–Call out Black, on Monday August 1st. Let us tell our employer’s and the world, that our pain is real. Our grief is real. Our anger is real.

Please help us by planning and organizing a ‘Call out Black day’ in your city or state and we will help publicize and share these events.

On this day we are hoping that people gather in their communities and share their collective anger and grief as well as their collective hope and love. It should be a day of self-care and reflection and one that allows us to celebrate the liberatory beauty that is Blackness. We believe that expressions of love and collectivity allow us to gather strength to continue our battle that is a long way to being won.

We recognize that not everyone will be able to Call Out Black, but we encourage those who can’t to spread the word as well.

In New York City meet at Marcus Garvey Park. We will be gathering at 2pm to light candles, meet each other, mourn, and build.

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