BlackLivesMatter New York


Black Lives Matter
New York
Prayer Vigil And March
Mission To Stop The Violence
When: Saturday, September 24th @ 1:00pm
Where: Franklin Avenue and Empire Boulevard

Black Lives Matter New York adopted an initiative to promote peace and unity within the black community. The recent tragedies that occurred at the J’Ouvert celebration in Brooklyn this past Labor Day weekend prompted the organization to take action.

“Time has shown that no one is safe from violence. We have watched athletes, entertainers, our elders, and far too many young people lose their lives to violence. Who is stopping these killings? The government cannot stop it. The police cannot stop it. And, the old regime of civil rights leaders has not been capable of stopping it. Now is the time we focus on remedying our own community because we cannot rely on anyone else but ourselves. We are the help that we have been waiting for,” said Hawk Newsome, Founder of BLM Greater NY.

What happens after the March?

We plan to conduct a series of community town hall meetings to begin conversations in the city’s most crime ridden neighborhoods. These public meetings will take place over the next few months. Once we have gathered input from the community, we will sit down and develop a strategic plan of action. We believe it is important to listen to the people in order to come up with healthy solutions.

For event and media inquiries, please contact Jamie at [email protected]

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