#BlackLivesMatter Election Day Peaceful March- Eugene


As someone who grew up in both the city and suburbs of Chicago I am proud to say I have held very dear relationships with African Americans my entire life. Most of whom, some 20 odd years later, I am fortunate enough to remain close with today.

As we all know, as a nation we find ourselves in an awkward place.

#BlackLivesMatter vs. #alllivesmatter

#BlackLivesMatter vs. #bluelivesmatter

Kneel vs. Stand

Dems, republicans, and independents coming out in droves to berate each other.


It shames me to say that at no point in my life have I seen us so divided. We are regressing, and it frightens the hell out of me as I’m sure it does many others.

Given recent events, it’s important to show that we are not black against white or white against black. Yes ALL LIVES DO MATTER, but once again our African American friends are being treated disproportionately unfair, and WE as a nation can do better.

If you are a friend of mine on facebook it is very obvious how passionate I am in standing up for our brothers and sisters of color; and I for one, no longer want to be a facebook warrior.

I want to show Eugene and the rest of the country that we care. That we do not lack empathy, and that we stand together on the most pivotal day in recent memory.

So in saying that, I ask that my friends, family, and anyone else who holds the same convictions as I do, join as we walk together to vote and show that we are not afraid to show what we believe in.

Anyone who is interested in helping the organization of this March please DM me!! Any form of help and enthusiasm is more than welcome and appreciated! I plan on making t shirts for us all, so any input and/or donations will be happily accepted, but not mandatory.

Please share with whoever you like. The more the better.
(This will be a peaceful march, any and all violence will not be welcome or tolerated)

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