Black Independence Day


It doesn’t take a genius to know that having our own nation and government with policies that benefit us is the ONLY way that Black people will ever receive Justice. We therefore held Black Independence Day this past July 4. The response of the people to the invite was tremendous as thousands began to show up to vote for their Independence and a new system with policies that include abandoned homes being given to the people and economic reparations to those who consent to this new system and empowering policy. Though no law was broken by participants, the mayor and chief of police of Highland Park acted out of fear that the city was being taken from their corrupt hands so they ordered the police to violently end the peaceful gathering and voting process and make arrests. Subsequently city officials along with media cohorts attempted to make the gathering appear to the public as a scam along with other lies they spread. Such behavior is to be expected from selfish corrupt individuals of a corrupt system, but they only proved their own wicked selfishness and lack of concern for the will of the people and showed the extent to which they are willing to go to keep their petty positions and paychecks.

Those who know what America’s independence day is about and know international law understand that the people do have a right to alter or to abolish any form of government that is not representative of the people’s wishes and the new government can do whatever it pleases with the territory’s assets including giving free housing and economic restitution to the descendants of slaves. We are now announcing that the event is being held again though this time it will be secured with our own ARMED United Nations mandated peace officers so that if the police try to violate our human rights again they will be stopped, within our rights, by any means necessary. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

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