Black Girls & Women Matter Greensboro Town Hall


On the weekend of February 3rd, 2017, The Black Girls and Women Matter Town Hall Planning Committee will host a Town Hall in order to elevate the voices and experiences of black girls and women in Greensboro. Our aim is to target opportunities and supports that will advance not only the individual needs of our testifiers, but those of black girls and women in Greensboro who share their structural situations of inequality and injustice.

Our town hall is a part of a national series of hearings focused on elevating the experiences of Black girls and women across a range of issues, including (but not limited to) police violence, criminalization, school pushout, sexual assault, domestic violence, and poverty. The series, developed under the aegis of the African American Policy Forum (AAPF)—cofounded by professors Kimberlé Crenshaw and Luke Harris—has taken place in cities across the country, including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Washington DC, Baltimore, Chicago, and Atlanta. You can access a short video preview of the series by clicking on the following link:

Black girls and women suffer across a range of indicators, yet narratives about the racial inequity and injustice they face often go unheard. Our initiative aims to break this silence. The Greensboro Black Girls and Women Matter Town Hall will serve as an opportunity for black girls and women to share their stories of being at risk so that we can call on our Greensboro community and political leaders, as well as support systems in an effort to better support them and ourselves, as we seek to heal our communities.

We hope you will make the time to join us for this important event! For more information about the Black Girls Matter movement, visit: http://www.aapf.org/blackgirlsmatter/

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