Black Dollar Event


Black Dollar Event
Respect MyVoice and Afr-letics are coming together to host the Black Dollar Event- Entrepreneurship.
This will be a FREE workshop and seminar focused on:
– Starting a business
o Where to start
o How to start it
– Creating a Business Plan
– Overcoming common pitfalls
– Balancing a full time job and working on your business
– Best Practices
and much more!!!!!!!
We will have speakers to discuss as well as a team to help you with your business plan.
It is time we re-invest in OUR COMMUNITY!!!! Are you ready to invest in YOU????
We will have vendors and a logo/graphic designer scheduling appointments for custom designs.
First 20 people will receive *8hrs of work from our customer logo artist for only $35 (over $250 value).
*8hrs of work on custom design can complete simple logos. Any complex logo designs taking over 8hrs will have additional costs associated*

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