Back At It Again. Beyond #ByeAnita


In March, young Black people showed up, turned out, and beat Anita Alvarez- one of the most powerful, corrupt, anti-Black States Attorneys in the country. Demonstrating once again the transformative power of young Black organizers.

This Wednesday, a collective of young, Black organizers will launch a new campaign demanding justice for Black lives. At 4pm, join us on the 5th floor of City Hall as we announce the details to community members and the press. We’ll explain who were are targeting, what we are demanding, and why. We’ll also explain how folks can join the campaign and grow the movement.

#ByeAnita proved that when young, Black folks take action together, we can win. We did that and we can do it again. Come to City Hall to learn more and get plugged in.

Who We Are:
We are an alliance of four Black-led organizations: Assata’s Daughters Black Lives Matter-Chicago, Black Youth Project 100, and Fearless Leading by the Youth. Together we are known as “The Collective.” We organize rapid response, direct action-based campaigns for Black liberation, such as #ByeAnita

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