This Is How You Rock Your Natural Hair!

A beautiful Texas bride and her bridesmaids rocked their natural hair and got viral across the Internet.

Nakyia Whitty, a happy young wife from Houston, Texas, never expected to become popular all over the Internet when she posted some of her June 11 wedding photos on Instagram.

However, the pics that featured her and her bridesmaids all rocking their natural hair became extremely viral and earned a lot of love and support from the Black community.

“I wore my hair this way because it’s how I wear my hair every day,” Nakyia told The Huffington Post. “It’s a part of me. I’m proud enough to wear it daily, even more proud to rock it at such a momentous occasion.”

“The choices that were made for our wedding were strictly made for our enjoyment. For our photo book, our memories. I knew a statement was being made. I didn’t realize it’d be a public one. But since it has been, I’m glad. I’m glad the stereotypes and negative image on our hair is being exposed. Whoever said our natural hair couldn’t be versatile, classy, or professional? Whoever that was lied.”

BlackMattersUS wishes Nakyia and her young husband many happy years together. We are happy that bright, beautiful messages like this change the stereotypes about Black people and our very nature every day!

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