Union County Neighbor Warns Community Of Racial Indoctrination

A concerned Union County parent sent an email to neighbors, warning them of school children chanting racial slurs in front of homes of black families.

The neighbor, who wrote the email, explained that while walking his dogs on Friday, June 17, he saw a group of three middle school-aged kids “practicing a white supremacist chant” as they walked near homes of black families.

He wrote in the email that the children chanted saying, “With an arm held high, they yelled ‘White pride, worldwide, hail the brotherhood”.

Benda Martinez, a resident of the Weddington Trace in Union County, North Carolina, said that she’s concerned even though it was an incident of “kids being kids”.

Martinez said “alert because of what’s happening everywhere, always alert. We have a lot of black people and Spanish people, like me, living here – be careful.”

One cannot blame these children for their actions, but the elders, who write these songs to provoke conflicts in neighborhoods. Some adults are unaware that they put their kids at risk of becoming victims of racially motivated conflicts.

As adults in a community, there is a need to be very careful of what to say or teach children in order to protect them from racial indoctrination, because the environment they find themselves modifies their way of life – people like Dylann Roof don’t appear on their own, they are also created by the environment.

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