A Federal State of Emergency has been declared in the rustbelt city of Flint, Michigan following the ongoing water disasater.

In a recent exclusive interview with “The Real”, Russell Simmons, 58, expressed his thoughts on the crises.

According to him, the governor’s decision to supply extremely corrosive lead-contaminated water to the masses is highly deplorable and should be taken seriously.

In a preview clip of the daytime talk show, Russell, the singer and founder of the record label Def Jam Recordings said “We need the governor’s hands in cuffs” as “almost every kid may have brain damage”.

It is generally known that lead contamination in water could lead to some severe lifelong health issues such as depression, hair loss, skin lesions, brain damage and learning disabilities notably in children. Some of the health issues have already been reported in the city.

Administered by a conservative governor, Russell believes that Gov. Rick Snyder’s deplorable action is clearly an act of “Environmental Racism” owing to the poverty stricken black populace who may not have voted for him.

Gov. Rick Snyder’s consistent assurance to the community that the lead contaminated Flint River was safe to drink has led to the calling for his resignation and arrest.

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