NY Mayor Acknowledges Muhammad Ali’s Contribution Into History

A street not far from the arena, where the “The Fight of the Century” was held, will be renamed to honor Muhammad Ali.

“Because The World’s Most Famous Arena hosted some of Muhammad Ali’s greatest fights within the ring, including the ‘Fight of the Century’ against Joe Frazier in 1971, he deserves this naming honor and more,” Bill De Blasio said on Tuesday while announcing his decision to commemorate Muhammad Ali via temporarily renaming the street adjacent to Madison Square Garden, West 33rd Street, into Muhammad Ali Way.

The community welcomes mayor’s decision and the initiative to pay tribute to the great boxer and humanitarian, who “never backed down from a fight in or outside the ring,” and is believed to have thrown his olympic medal in the Ohaio river as a sign of protest against racism in Louisville.

Muhammad Ali is one of many great black people, whose contribution into US history deserves appreciation. It is obvious that any American city regardless its size has a black hero to be proud of too.

We hope that New York mayor’s act will set the pace for the mayors of other cities and become a good example of the situation when the historical justice was timely served.

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