“No Justice, No Peace. No Racist Police.”

The cry of African-American community members in Jacksonville after Vernell Bing Jr. was shot by a police officer.

The police shooting death of Vernell Bing Jr. by Tyler Landreville, a seven-year officer, have led to an outrage of the black community and Sherriff Mike William, who was focusing on bettering the relations in the neighborhoods with his police force.

The shooting, which occurred on May 22, introduced a quick reproach from both Jacksonville Chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and also the city’s NAACP branch.

Come to think of it, how can a disoriented guy in pain be able to follow police instructions? Even though, he was unarmed and didn’t pose any threat to the police officer, he shot him five times with one in his head.

This requires the Department of Justice to research whether Jacksonville police violate federal civil legal rights in shooting cases.

Friday, following ongoing negative scrutiny from the Sheriff’s Office within the shooting and separate videos of the officer beating a handcuffed lady and the other slamming a juvenile suspect right into a wall, the sheriff stated city and community leaders are standing together to make things better. He pointed to charging and firing the officer showing up in the cuffed lady video and stated, the 2nd officer, who was suspended for 5 days, no longer works for the Sheriff’s Office.

“They aren’t gathering on the street because they would like to,” he noted.

“They don’t have any alternative.”

Chicken and sausages were cooked on the grill and offered to participants to boost money for Bing’s family. Several women also offered sea food salad for $5 to assist the household with funeral costs.

In Jacksonville research of public record information implies that within the span of 12 years, from 2002 to 2014, there have been 135 police shootings around the town. While African People in America represent 34 percent of people, 65 % of individuals wiped out by police bullets were black.

There’s only one word to describe what happened on May 22, and has been happening: racism. And Black Americans in Jacksonville shouldn’t hold their peace until justice prevails.

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