Victims Killed In Violence Should Also Be Remembered On Memorial Day

Activists say victims who have died from police violence should also be honored on Memorial Day.

On Memorial Day Monday, May 30, LetUsBreathe collective, an organization that “aims to harness creative capital and cultural production to deconstruct systemic injustice”, gathered in Douglas park to remember the life of a 22-year-old black woman, Rekia Boyd, who was shot dead by a white Chicago police officer,  Dante Servin.

The group believes that Memorial Day should not just be for honoring the people who lost their lives in foreign wars, but also for honoring innocent people who have been killed by violent police officers.

The LetUsBreathe’s co-founder and co-director, Kristiana Colon, said they “wanted to re-purpose whom we remember on Memorial Day, understanding that the wars this county has waged are not only limited to foreign policy, but domestic policy.”

One of the activists, Tio Hardiman, also said: “This Memorial Day weekend and Rekia Boyd should be remembered by all Chicagoans. This young lady should not have lost her life to a senseless act. The violence needs stop on both ends.”

The group opened a free store on that day to give out free books, DVDs, comic books and clothing in relation with their second annual #RememberingRekia event.

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