Activists Call For Justice After Chicago Cop Got Away With Murder

Activists and community members support the victims of police violence and express their demands.

May. 25,2016


Dante Servin, a Chicago police officer, who murdered 22-year-old African-American, Rekia Boyd, resigned 2 days before he was to be fired from work.

Members from the Black Lives Matter Chicago, civil rights activists and Rekia’s family have issued a list of demands after Servin’s resignation some of which include an “immediate revoking of Dante Servin’s pension, immediate implementation of an elected Civilian Police Accountability Council (CPAC), immediate criminal prosecution of all police officers and government officials involved in the cover-ups of the murders of Rekia Boyd, Cedrick Chatman, Laquan McDonald and Ronald Johnson, including the city lawyers responsible for withholding evidence,” and many more.

For many years, Chicago policing system has only showed poor performance and caused obstacles to justice, proving that the city court and law enforcement are only busy with covering each other’s backs.

Recent deaths of Pierre Loury, Bettie Jones and Quintonio LeGrier in the hands of the officers prove that police continue to feel scot-free being completely sure that there will be no responsibility for even the most atrocious crime: first degree murder.

Mayor Emanuel is unable and unwilling to deal with the outrageous abuse committed by his city police. Instead of eliminating police terror plaguing Chicago people, he continues to introduce policies that worsen the already desperate situation.

The city of Chicago spends 40 percent of its operating budget on policing and has the the biggest amount of police per 100,000 people in the country, but black lives continue to be lost.

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Activists Call For Justice After Chicago Cop Got Away With Murder
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