Convicted Rapist Still A Threat

Daniel Holtzclaw in an interview does his best to re-victimize the women he assaulted.

One can hardly imagine how difficult it is to survive rape and continue living normally, especially if you are a black woman with a record, whom no one will listen to, whom nobody believes. Some rape victims are doomed to keep their secrets forever.

Silencing and shaming are exactly the things former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw laid account with choosing his targets and forcing them into sexual intercourse.

Jannie Ligons just happened to be different. She spoke out and that helped to put Holtzclaw behind bars for 263 years.

Such measure should have stopped the predator but for the decision of Oklahoma Department of Corrections, to conceal Holtzclaw’s location is a part of a protection program for high-profiled prisoners.

Now his victims are not able to reach their offender with a civil rights lawsuit prepared by their attorneys Damario Solomon-Simmons and Ben Crump. In spite of that, the poor women continue to suffer from accusations of lying and other nasty allegations, which have got to them through Holtzclaw’s recent interview given to 20/20 and aired on ABC.

“For over a month, we have not been able to find and serve Holtzclaw so can move forward with our civil rights lawsuit because the Oklahoma DOC has ‘hidden’ him,” Solomon-Simmons claimed.

“So, we are shocked and dismayed to know that 20/20 was given access to Holtzclaw for a TV interview while the victims of this convicted ‘sexual predator’ have not been given the respect and peace of mind to know where Holtzclaw is even located!”

Though Holtzclaw continues to state he’s innocent both attorneys agree that his actions only prove three rather sad things: Holtzclaw’s narcissistic psychopathy, total absence of remorse and serious lack of respect to black women, whom his abnormal behavior continues to hurt in Oklahoma City Police Department.

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