NBA Star Confronts Racist Woman On A Train

“Ummmmm did you just not want ME to sit next to you?”

Former NBA basket ball player Etan Thomas writes about a woman who refused to allow him sit next to her on a train.

Thomas explains that he politely and softly asked the white woman if the seat next to her was taken. The woman replied that it was already taken. And so Thomas goes to sit a distance away from her. Few minutes later, a white guy walks in and asks the same question and she replies, “Sure let me move my stuff”.

Seen what just happened, Thomas couldn’t hold from within, he confronts the woman and says: “Ummmmm did you just not want ME to sit next to you? Were you scared? Not comfortable with a Black Man sitting next to you? The lady says, “lol smh don’t pull the race card stuff with me I dated a Black guy in college”.

During the confrontation, Thomas took a picture of her and posted of Facebook, which had over 100K likes, 4.2K Comments and 31K Shares.

Only racist people say “I had a black friend” or “I dated a black guy” to prove that they aren’t racist.


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