Innocent Black Man Cleared After 17 Years In Jail

It took the criminal justice system 17 years and multiple DNA tests to drop charges against a wrongfully convicted man who wasted half of his life in prison.

A perfectly innocent man, Malcolm Bryant, was thrown behind bars for the crime he did not commit and was finally freed after long 17 years in prison.

A bloody murder of a 16-year-old teen, Toni Bullock, back in 1998 put Bryant in a jail cell where he was obviously doomed to die. Thankfully, Bryant’s nightmare of wrongful imprisonment was over after prosecutor Marilyn Mosby’s decision to reopen and investigate the case. Over the years had prosecutors resisted multiple DNA tests of Bullock’s nail clippings and the T-shirt she wore prior to the murder.

After all, when the tests eventually got into the court, their ambiguous results put Bryant’s guilt of the crime under the question. The latest lab test revealed the presence of the other DNA profile that didn’t match Bryant’s.

Malcolm Bryant has always maintained his innocence, and now, the evidence seems to indicate he was telling the truth. Bryant’s case is not an isolated or surprising one. It only exposes the American criminal justice system’s biggest weakness and the total lack of accountability.

Mosby told it was prosecutors’ responsibility to determine who the other profile might have belonged to.

Marilyn Mosby is one of those who advocate justice for people of color. Unlike the rest of corrupt criminal justice system’s representatives, Mosby provides a bright example of a person who serves her country faithfully.

Since the Black nation can’t reach justice themselves, we need more people like Mosby who could represent Black interests in the government.

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