White On White Violence: More White Men Killing Police

Have you wondered why the rate, at which police officers are being shot in 2016 has doubled compared to previous years?

May. 13,2016


At the age of Black Lives Matter, not only black people are outraged about police brutality, but even some white guys are also frustrated.

Many government officials blame the activists of the movement for all these fatal shootings of cops, but what they forget is that white people are mostly responsible for them. Seven of eight police officers, who have been recently killed, were killed by their fellow white men.

Some government officials even blame the pop star musician,  Beyoncé, for her Super Bowl and “Lemonade” videos, throwing lights on police brutality and racism in the nation.

They say police are now hesitating to do their jobs, but is it because of the Black Lives Matter movement or because of angry white men hunting them down? Images of angry protesters or criminalized black men exist mostly in the heads of some officers. Maybe focusing on statistic of police shootings might save many lives on both sides.

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White On White Violence: More White Men Killing Police
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