Baltimore’s Housing Chief keeps his Job notwithstanding Alleged Staff Assaults on 20 Women

Graziano’s oversight on these issues is unsatisfactory and this is why he must be sacked!

In Washington, tens of thousands are requesting for the demotion of Baltimore’s housing commissioner. Allegations have it that he overlooked alleged sexual harassment by the housing departments maintenance workers. About 35,000 members of anti-sexism organization UltraViolet have signed a petition to this effect.

The commissioner let these abuses go on for too long and he should have headed to the complaints when these allegations were brought to the notice of his agency. This could have saved more women from suffering this fate, explained Nita Chaudhary, a co-founder of UltraViolet.

“The Housing Commissioner and his team took these allegations very seriously from the very beginning” claims Howard Libit- spokesman to the Mayor. Saying…“The Mayor continues to have confidence in Commissioner Graziano”.

However, complaints date back to 2008 according to a lawsuit filed against the city in September on behalf of the 20 women living in public housing. According to the suit, when one tenant went to a maintenance office to inquire about repairs, a worker allegedly “pushed himself back from his desk, unzipped his fly [and] exposed his penis” and then allegedly asked her, “What can you do with this?” – An act so appalling and disgracing. However reports claim authorities knew about this since 2013.

Graziano claims he became aware of the abuses in July and hence the house has reformed. A hotline has since been established for women to anonymously report abuses, adding that two workers to that effect have been fired.

“Under his tenure, residents have faced lead poisoning, unfair evictions, and racial segregation. [Graziano’s] oversight on these issues is deplorable and this is why he must go,” Chaudhary said.

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