Here Are Some Of The Leaked SFPD Racist and Offensive Messages

SFPD chief disclosed a new list of disgusting texts sent by police department staff, claiming "we have nothing to hide".

The 2,100-member police force is troubled by this scandal since their dark secrets have come to light. They are to take an anti-harassment class by next month in response to a racist texting scandal which started about two weeks ago.

According to SFPD Chief Greg Suhr, the texts only show the deeds of a few officers. Meanwhile, Public Defender Jeff Adachi says, “These texts evidence a deep culture of racial hatred and animus against blacks, Latinos, gays and even South Asians,” and “It can no longer be said to be an isolated problem.”

The statements of Suhr is trying to undermine the seriousness of the case by making the public think there were just texts between Lai, Lt. Curtis Liu – retired, and an anonymous police officer. SFIST writer, Jay Barmann, analyzed the case and reported in the New York Times that “the texts were sent last year, just as the scandal of the 14 officers exchanging racist messages was raging.”

The following are some of the texts which prove how racist these cops are and how extreme hatred they have for people of other race especially Black people (they use the term “hock gwai” which means “black devil,” an offensive way of calling Black Americans):

“Seriously white folks so stupid haha” “burning cars and shit haha”
“Better than nigs looting lol”
“hahaha hey let them burn their communities”

“Your buddies are back at the … and the bus stop lol”
“I arrested the hock qwai”
“lol” “and I didn’t even see him where did you arrest him at lol”

“Any confirmation on puker?”
“Dude I’m such a looser I totally lost track of this text! Yes it’s confirmed!”
“… couldn’t train this kid cause it was a conflict of interest! Lol”
“Haha. Hope he knew we all support his gay ass!”
“Damb ass”

“I fucking hate …”
“Fuck that nig. He pushes off and flops”

“They I use is good for DP retirements… His soulds like run of the mill ranting thing”
“Ok thanks. I’ll let him know.”
“Stay black my nigga!!!!”
“Who are you talking to?? Lol”

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