Actor Malachi Kirby Says Black Men Have A Self-Spirit Of Survival

Roots’ reboot lead actor, Kirby, sends a touching message to every black man: “our history does not begin at slavery.”

According to Huffington Post, History Chanel and the A&E have embarked on a project to remake of Alex Haley’s mini-series called “Roots” which will follow the history of many generations of Haley’s family. The reboot will start with a story of a young man Kunta Kinte, captured in Gambia and sold into slavery in the 1760s.

Malachi Kirby, who has been featured in the lead role of Kinte, spoke at a preview screening about the challenging role of the brave West African man. He said,  “There were so many enslaved people that didn’t even make it off the boat, let alone live and have children”.

The young black actor Kirby, after several researches about Kinte, pondered on what made him survive the sufferings. “I was thinking, what was it that gave them the strength to survive?” He found out that it was because of Kinte’s spirit. “His spirit and his knowledge of self,” he said.

The British actor hopes that the new mini-series will encourage young black man to hold on to that key lesson “our history does not begin at slavery.” He concluded by encouraging every black man, “To be proud of his ancestry, To not feel that it’s a negative thing to be African. And to also understand that those people who were enslaved were not weak. Those were strong people. And they survived.

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