Black Families Embark On Homeschooling Because Of Racial Bias And Safety Concerns

A study by the National Home Education Research Institute shows that approximately 220,000 black students are currently homeschooling in the U.S.

Increasing number of Black families now prefer to teach their children at home rather than to send them to public schools. The simple cause for this is racism.

According to Ama Mazama, an African-American Studies professor at Temple University, there are two factors motivating black parents to homeschool their kids: school curriculum and teacher bias. Schools focus on European culture or history excluding the African-American history.

Moreover, in most black communities, the percentage of white teachers to blacks is preposterous. Black students suffer from racial discrimination in classes as their white teachers unfairly punish them for minor offences, dont believe in their abilities and insult them in front of the whole class.

A black mom, Camille Kirksey, explained in an interview with NPR her decision to homeschool her 8-year-old son. She said her son was maltreated in his private school in Detroit. “It was a mostly Black school with mostly White teachers, which didn’t really bother me until I saw the difference in how they treated certain kids — especially boys. They seemed to be very harsh, kinda barking at them, ordering them around.”

Homeschooling these children will not just prevent them from being racially discriminated, but also from being victims of different violent crimes, which are mostly common in low-income community schools. It can also help these children to know more about the black history.

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