Obama Praises Black Lives Matter, But Says Activists Must Compromise

Obama: Black Lives Matter activists can't 'keep on yelling.

President Barack Obama on Saturday praised the work the Black Lives Matter movement has done to highlight racial inequality, but also strongly cautioned activists be realistic, and be ready to compromise.

Obama told a group of young people gathered at a town hall in London that Black Lives Matter movement “has been really effective in bringing attention” to the problems of our flawed criminal justice system, and police violence.

But the president went on to say that activists needed to be realistic about what could be achieved immediately and sometimes needed to compromise to achieve long-term goals, adding that activists “can’t just keep on yelling” at elected officials who are ready to meet and discuss with them.

Although President Obama’s advice about compromise and taking “half a loaf” might seem genuine to many folks, it is very important to note that black people have made compromises more than any other racial group in America.

Activists resulted to yelling at the political status-quo they because their calls for the problem of racism and other societal vices affecting communities of color needs to be fixed have been largely been ignored for years.

Mr. President, how do you expect activists to compromise when your administration and other politicians across the nation have not done anything about racial discrimination and police brutality?

The people remained silent all these years amid inaction from the federal government. Therefore, the president’s comments about compromise and realism are disingenuous and condescending.

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