BLM $5,000 Bail For Activist Arrested Protesting No Jail Time For Akai Gurley Killer

A Brooklyn judge says an activist who was arrested protesting the sentence of Akai Gurley’s shooter in front of the D.A.’s house on Tuesday night can only be bailed with $5000.

Report says protesters who took to the street on Tuesday in front of the D.A’s house, for jury failing to indict ex-cop, Peter Liang, who was involved in the fatal murder of a black young man, Akai Gurley, had been arrested six times including an exceptional arrest which would have to be resolved by settling $5000.

A bail of $5000 has been placed on the black activist, Jason Woody, who was charged with felony assault of an officer. Woody will be put to trial at Riker Island jail unless activists are able to raise a minimum of $1000 for bond on the $5000 bail.

Woody was documenting the protest while he was on his bicycle which in New York City rules of filming protest, it’s legal. He was arrested and taking down by 10 officers in which during the process one officer’s finger was cut. This is what Woody was charged with; meanwhile officers caused serious injuries to protesters and activists from arrest every time, including that particular day.

What is so annoying is that, a day before the incident, a white couple merciless beat and injured an NYPD, and was charged with the same amount a peaceful black protester was arrested for. This is absolutely bulls***t! It’s not as if the money cannot be raised with effect and bail Woody, but it’s so painful how jury treats and handles issues with race.

Now it’s so clear officers just not hate blacks but have targeted activists in and have vowed to eradicate them one after the other. An innocent and peaceful protester was just arrested even though he had the right to do what he was doing. The hate is much now, and it’s very clear the hidden agenda of the police, but this will not stop blacks from protesting to protect their rights.

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